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About Us

As part of Oriental Delight (UK) Ltd, Great oriental has been catering to the oriental food sector for over 30 years by supplying world-famous brands of confectionery, soft drinks, instant noodles, and grocery products. We are an innovative and dynamic company. As a supplier of oriental/world foods, we adapt to shifting customer expectations by constantly monitoring the consumer behaviour changes, needs, and demands. We are constantly looking to import the best brands from the far eastern countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Hong Kong, and China.

If you are a wholesaler or a retailer who is looking for an importer with established close links with Far-Eastern countries and has the need of importing certain products on an exclusive basis, please look no further. We can help!

If you are a supplier or a manufacturer who is looking for an established and recognised distributor in the UK, we are your ideal choice. As part of expansion and diversification, we are also looking to reach out to established food brands from Australasia and the Americas.

Our parent company Oriental Delight (UK)Ltd is the number 1 Oriental Patisserie maker in the UK.







Product Gallery


YHB Ocean Bomb (Sailor Moon)

YHB Ocean Bomb (Dragon Ball - Z)

Hatakosen Ramune Soda

YHB Ocean Bomb (Bubble Milk Tea)

Alley Bubble Tea

A Few Brands We Work With

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